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  • The last system worked ok, why have you changed it?

    • We're changing to the new GuernseyTickets to improve your booking experience! Although our old system served us well for over ten years, we are moving to a more secure and more reliable system, giving us the opportunity to use more
      modern technologies, such as QR codes. 
  • I bought tickets on the old system, but the event isn't taking place till the Summer? Will my tickets still be valid?

    • Yes, you are not required to do anything, you can rest assured we won't resell your ticket. Tickets are still valid for the event you purchased them for. Don't worry if your ticket looks different to your friend's ticket, they might have bought it after the new system was implemented.
  • Will I still get issued with an actual ticket when I book in person at any of the booking venues?

    • You will still be issued with a physical ticket if you book in person. If you want to go paper free, book online.
  • I hear can now be found on Facebook & Twitter, why should I follow those pages?

    • By following us on Facebook and Twitter, you'll be kept up to date with all the latest events on GuernseyTickets; you'll also be the first to know when new events go on sale. Search: @GuernseyTickets on
      Facebook & Twitter.
  • I have now used the website and have some feedback and comments that I would like to make, who can I contact?

    • With this being a brand new system, we would appreciate all the feedback we can get, so do send your comments to

  • I am in a wheelchair, how do I gain access to the venue?

    • Wheelchair access varies across the venues; the following provides a guide line to the various locations:-

      Beau Sejour Leisure Centre
      All areas of the Centre are accessible to wheelchair users, although some events will have limited seating for wheelchairs. In addition in some areas customers may require assistance to utilise doors and lifts. Access to the Centre is best via the main Entrance rather than through the Concourse.

      Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts
      All areas of the Centre are accessible to wheelchair users, although some events will have limited seating for wheelchairs and will therefore wheelchair users need to book directly with the venue as seats are put aside for wheelchairs when the tickets first go on sale. In the event that the performance has sold out, these tickets will then be released to the general public so early booking is recommended.

      Candie Museum
      Guernsey Museum has full wheelchair access to the Museum and the Frossard Theatre although in the Theatre wheelchairs would need to be at the front. We also have toilet facilities for the disabled. Please ring (01481) 726518 to discuss parking

      Castle Cornet.
      We regret that at the present time Castle Cornet is not accessible for wheelchair users except in the entrance area. Outdoor Theatre seating is in an Upper Level only accessible by stairs.
      At venues that are wheelchair accessible there are specific seats allocated should you wish to book one of these spaces please contact the venue by phone or in person.
  • I wear a hearing aid is there a best place to sit to benefit from a hearing loop?

    • There are only hearing loops at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre and The Princess Royal, Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts.

      For Beau Sejour the Hearing Loop only exists in the Theatre and whilst it gives enhanced overall coverage, it is significantly better in the first few rows and on the sides up to about row K.

      For the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts the loop covers the whole of the seating area.

      In addition one of the booking desks at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre has a hearing loop fitted.

  • I am coming to the event in a car, will I be able to park?

    • Parking facilities vary from venue to venue.

      Beau Sejour Leisure Centre

      There are 360 spaces however as the Centre is normally busy, it is always worth sharing cars when possible. As an alternative bus routes 2, 3B and 3C pass Beau Sejour's main entrance. For times please contact Island Coachways on (01481) 720210 or visit

      Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts
      Entering through the old St Peter Port School entrance, the main allocated parking for the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts is on the north side of the building. The playground and school car parks are also used during evening performances. There are two disabled parking spaces on the south elevation of the building.

      Candie Museum
      The Museum does not have a dedicated parking area; however there is short-stay parking in Candie Road or the surrounding area. The nearest bus stop is at the Boer War Memorial in St Julian's Avenue, it is then just a short walk up through Candie Gardens.

      Castle Cornet.
      The Castle does not have a dedicated parking area; however there are short-stay parking spaces on Castle Emplacement. The nearest buses are at the bus terminus on South Esplanade.

  • Are there parking spaces for disabled badge holders?

    • Beau Sejour Leisure Centre
      There are five parking spaces available to disabled badge holders directly outside the main entrance, in addition there are spaces allocated outside the Ron Short Centre for the Disabled.

      Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts
      There are two spaces on the south side of the building.

      Candie Museum
      There is one space outside the gardens, however this is in a public parking area, if you require parking please contact the museum on (01481) 726518 to discuss the matter.

      Castle Cornet
      There are no specific disabled spaces available.

  • The event only seems to have a handful of seats available online but I know it a large event, why is this?

    • For some events tickets are allocated in various areas, in order to access other seating areas within one event please use the drop down menu on the location line

  • Do I need a printer?

    • Yes, a printer is required as all tickets need to be printed prior to you arriving at the Venue.
  • I have not received confirmation Email - what should I do?

    • Firstly you need to check your 'Junk Mail' box as depending on your email client settings, the Email occasionally lands in your 'Junk Mail' as opposed to your 'Inbox'. If the Email has still not been received then you need to contact the Venue's Box office during office opening hours - see Contacts for details.
  • I have received the confirmation Email however the tickets were not attached as a file- what should I do?

    • You need to contact the Venue's Box office during office opening hours - see Contacts for details.
  • I have booked the incorrect tickets - what can I do?

    • If on receiving your Email confirmation you discovery you have booked the wrong tickets, you need to contact the Venue's Box office during working hours to discuss the options open to you as this will vary depending on the show concerned. For details on who to contact please see Contacts for details.
  • If I want to book in person where and when can I do this?

    • Please see the Contact Details
  • Contact Details

    • The opening hours of the various Box Offices are as follows -

      Beau Sejour Leisure Centre
      Box Office Opening Hours Daily 8.15am to 9.15pm
      Telephone Box Office/Office (01481) 747200
      Fax (01481) 747298
      Info Line 12050

      Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts
      Office/Box Office Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and 1 hour before a ticketed performance
      Telephone Box Office (01481) 749999
      Office (01481) 749900
      Fax (01481) 746700

      Guernsey Museum at Candie
      Box Office 10am-5pm, 4pm during winter season
      Telephone Box Office (01481) 747200
      Office (01481) 726518

      Guernsey Information Centre (Box Office only)
      Box Office Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
      Saturday 9am - 1pm
      Sunday Closed
      Telephone Box Office (01481) 723552

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